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Coin Master Slot Machine – Basics Of Gameplay

Coin Master is a good source for spending free time. The concept of game is designed on the basis of two factors such as – slot machine and village building. With all these things, the players are able to enjoy it with friends by targeting their villages for attack and loot.

Actions those taken by anyone are not decided by themselves. It is based on the outcomes of slot machine. There are different types of icons or actions featured in the slot machine. The players can perform an action only when a perfect combination is created. In the upcoming details we are discuss all these things.

Coin Master Slot Machine Gameplay created with Power Director

Key facts

Slot machine is the base of game. In case you do not understand the system and combination of slot machine then it becomes harder to get success or upgrade the village. The machine is featured with 3 slots and numerous icons.

A perfect combination can be considered when all three slots are representing a similar icon. Following are some commonly appearing and important icon details.

  • Hammer

Hammer is the icon that can help you in availing lots of benefits. Getting a perfect combination of hammer is providing an opportunity to raid village of others. If we talk about probability of appearing hammer in the slot machine then it is a common icon that you can see.

When anyone is going to attack the village then he/she has 5 options to attack. You have a chance to attack one of these spots. You are required to be careful while choosing the village to attack or raid. In case the village is available with active shield then you cannot make the destruction.

As a result, you lose the opportunity to grab a big amount of coins and boost the performance in the same way as using Coin Master hack that you can find by googling for it. In such condition, the attacker will get a small amount of coins and appreciation.

  • Shields

 As we discuss about the hammer in previous paragraphs. Shield and hammer both icons are connected to each other. If anyone chooses your account for using hammer opportunity then shield can provide protection from destruction.

For activating the shield, the players need to get a perfect shield combination. A shield can be used once. In case the shield gets broken by attacker then the village is not protected more. At a time, there are maximum 3 shields can be activated on an account.

It means the village can be protected from 3 regular attacks. In case you want to provide protection to village and do not have active shield then you can buy it.

  • Pig face

Pig face icon is not so common in the slot machine. For such icon, the interested ones are required to spin machine several times. At once you get the perfect pig face combination then you can get an opportunity to earn a huge amount of coins. Here, the option of master villages appears as the target. These types of villages are available with lots of coins. The raiders need to make the decision carefully regarding the places and use all 3 chances wisely.

It was fast Coin Master slot machine review made by James Hullick, bye!

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All I know about the game Boxing Star

Boxing is one among very simple but highly entertaining sports we have today. In this game, there will be 2 pugilists, who get into a ring then square one another and finally try to knock down one another by making use of well- placed punches. Each and every round in boxing has slick footwork, mind games, careful dodging, and a lot of courage along with the skill. There are many games which are related to this boxing and best among them is Boxing Star.

This Boxing Star brings all the above mentioned elements which can be enjoyed in a mobile. This also offers a best thing which is one on fighters and that can bring grace when we play in the small screen. Initially when a player is amateur he should climb and grow in this game as a boxer and later after complete practice he can become undeniable champion. This game also comes with a lot of tricks and tips like Boxing Star hack which will help the players to grab the championship status very quickly.

Let’s look into some of the tips which is very helpful in playing this game.

Switching up your attacks:

In this game, players should face, up as well as coming pugilists, club jobbers which are underground fight and other than, those championship boxers. But one must understand that the journey of a player towards the top of this boxing ladder, will start out simpler than you expect.

But as you move in the journey, things will get harder. This is because as you move in the game, boxer will get more and more formidable opponents. If the aim of the player is to get succeeded in the game consistently, then he must adopt great strategies such that they are unpredictable.

It is very important that boxer must switch up their uppercuts, hooks, and even Jabs. It is better idea to dance all around the foe along with getting familiar with opponents tactics. It is also important that one must allow the opponent to swing first so that player can understand and plan the counter punches.

Once the player understands that opponent is dazed, he can lay into them and give them multiple uppercuts. In the later stages, he should activate and make use of his Hyper Skills and this must be done, when the opponent is placed in the middle of his attacks.

Defense and offense:

It is very important to think about offense but it is also important that one must adopt a very good defense as well. Player must understand that when the match starts to get bit harder, they should start the blocking perfectly. This will help in defending incoming punches and along with that it helps the boxers to get recover. There will be a health rate monitor and that is placed beneath the heart meter.

Players should always keep an eye on this and it should never go down. If this goes zero, then the boxer on your side will start making punches very slow. There are many ways to acquire skill points and one of them is training. It is very important to make the boxer engage in training. This will also help him in grabbing different kinds of abilities needed for the game. Some of the skills which can be purchased and through which one can upgrade are uppercuts, hooks, Jabs, Stances, and Specials.

It was my first game guide I made on my blog after many years, so I hope it will be helpful for you 😉

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